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Paid Book Review Services is a book advertisement company who understand the effect of positive customer reviews on your book sales.

We offer two types of book review services:
1. Unverified Purchase Book Reviews: We read the sample pages of your book on, then post positive customer reviews.
2. Verified Book Reviews: We purchase your book and read it on kindle, then post positive comments about your book on Amazon.

Our Turn around time is 7 days. If you need your reviews to be spaced out more than one week, please indicate on the order form.  One thing we can say with confidence is that YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED!

Only 3 steps to order!

1. Pay for your reviews at $75 for 3 reviews (Minimum order is 3 reviews)

2. Fill out the order form

3. If you need a verified purchase review, pay for the book purchase. If you do not need a verified purchase review, then skip step 3.

STEP 1   
Pay for your reviews. ($75 for 3 reviews) Update your quantity in multiples of 3


STEP 2        Paid Book Review Services Order Form

Please ensure that you made your payment on step 1. if you did, go ahead and fill out the order form now.

First name:
Last name:
Email address:
Confirm Email address:
URL of your book on amazon:
Please tell us how you heard about
If you have any specific instructions about your order, please state:
Remember to use Step 3 if you need  verified purchase


If you need verified purchase reviews, click here to pay for the kindle price of your book.
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